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Aramis Kalay, born in 1953, May 1st, has started to take pictures in 1982. He attended some national and international photograph exhibitions. However, since he is against to be awarded prize just for one photograph, he has not attended the photography contests for a long time. He thinks that the participants in the photograph contests should attend with their portfolios that compose of at least five photographs.

Aramis Kalay, held on his first exhibition that is called "Shadows" ("Golgeler") in Paris in 1987, held on 11 individual exhibitions in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Zonguldak and Adana in Turkey..

In 1990, 20 of his photographs were accepted for the collection in National Library of France.

In 1991, he was invited to photography Festival of Mediterranean Countries in France.

In 1993, he attended 4. Photography Symposium of AFSAD (The Association of Photograph Artists in Ankara, Turkey) with two papers. These papers were about photograph essays and art of photography.

In 1994, his name and his works were recorded in the book of Turkish Plastic Artists (Encyclopedic dictionary) written by Kaya Ozsezgin.

In 996, his portfolio that is composed of 10 pictures is published in the fifth issue of Black box pocket photography album.

In 1998, his photographs that are in the collection of National Library of France are exhibited in the exhibition called "Ustalardan Eller".

In 1999, his works were showed in an exhibition, about Istanbul, distributed by Sipapress in Paris, France. His life and works were mentioned in "Photography in Turkey" written by Engin Ozendes.

His thoughts about photography were written such magazines and newspapers. He appointed in executive committee of IFSAK (Photograph Artists in Istanbul, Turkey). By 1996, he taught darkroom courses in IFSAK.

He gave up his education in Marmara University, Department of French Education, because of his limited time.

Aramis Kalay is working on his new photograph exhibition that is going to be held on in 2001.