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"One Country One Photographer"
Franke Rodriguez

My name is Franke Rodriguez. I live in Chicago, Illinois and I am 28 years old. Photography has been a hobby for over 10 years and it is becoming more exciting to me every year.

I enjoy several styles of photography (scenic, portraiture, fashion, sports, wedding), but I feel that candid photos are the most rewarding, if I succeed in capturing the emotions on the film.

To this end, I have tried to adopt a documentary-style approach into my work, even if the assignment is a formal event such as a wedding. With this approach in mind, I am better able to follow my instincts, and so even subjects with which I have little or no experience become fun challenges instead of daunting obstacles.

Many people have told me that I am a good photographer. If that's true, it's because I have a deep appreciation for life in general, and I try to pay attention to the different forms it takes. I have so much to learn about many technical aspects, but my priority is to practice often and try to see the beauty in all things.


Franke Rodriguez